the origin story

Paddle Across Canada Tour began as the romantic notion of those who are told too many tales about explorers. Our heads filled with the notions of daring exploits, near misses, heroic distances from the narratives passed down through the ages. We might put the book down to go to work, but our minds travel through the wilderness during the day.

We are a passionate bunch of people who love the idea of jumping in the lake before breakfast, consider sweaty cheese a delicacy, enjoy the push and pull of the trail, and retelling tales around a campfire. We relish in the possibility of waking up to do it all over again.

Lo and behold, when you voice your dreams you might meet people who share them. Through long discussions, a plan was formed that we could not only realize our collective dream, but that we might do some good for the outdoor industry we all work and love.

We think we are doing something cool, and thought others might think so as well. Here on our blog, we will post stories, photos, videos of our tour across Canada.
Experience Canada as we see it.

paddle on,