Being sports fans, we here in the PACT office are pretty excited about another edition (that would be the 75th for those of you keeping track) of March Madness. To celebrate, PACT is running a March Madness Bracket!

Themed logo. See what we did here?

Themed logo. See what we did here?

Here's how it works.

- sign up with our facebook bracket group so we can engage each other as sports fans might.

- Minimum of $10 per bracket (MAX 5 BRACKETS PER PERSON)
- Total pot will be split 50/50 between the winner and PACT (of which we will split between our partner charities and our food expenses)
- We are expecting the winner to take home over $1000!!!
- We will not be accepting team entries past March 18th
- If you're going to gamble, might as well lose for a good cause!

To fill in your bracket click on this link and start picking winners. (The NCAA hasn't selected the tournament's teams yet so you won't be able to fill it in until they do so)


- E-mail money transfer to - They will ask you to fill out a security question and answer it. You can ask whatever question you'd like, just be sure to answer it with '2013Pact'. Feel free to get creative with your questions.

- We will also accept cash

Thanks folks. Can't wait for the madness to begin!