the pine project

A series highlighting the good works of the OEE partners to which PACT will be donating.

the p.i.n.e. project

1) What is the PINE Project? What was the inspiration behind it?

pine is an organization created to deeply re-connect people to self, others and nature. we run programs of all kinds for children, adults and families, and aim to create a culture where connection to nature is inherent, helping support a more resilient future generation.

we use an amazing fusion of arts, song, handcraft, nature education and naturalist learning, and all manner of wilderness skills to help children become more inspired about adventures outdoors in any weather than they are about video games and TV.

wrap all of this together and you end up with a local organization empowering people to re-create community and culture with nature as a core component.

this leads to a happier, healthier, more creative and resilient generation of children, ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

2) How does it impact the community?

the on the ground research thus far is best told through a story i hear all the time:

when I ask people how they heard about pine, many of them tell me the same story, over and over again I hear it:

I was out with my kids and some friends of ours, and they got talking about this program that their children are participating in called p.i.n.e.

It sounded like my childhood: playing outside, learning cool things and exploring the parks and valleys.
When I watched the other families' children, I realized how different they were acting than my own... they were running all around, climbing on trees, very alive and sure of their bodies. They had so much energy, and were totally happy off in the forest just making up games and creating and solving problems. My children were sticking with me on the path, somewhat timid to follow the others, and it really dawned on me how this small element (outdoor nature time) was totally deficient in my kids life, and yet it was showing up in a big way in areas such as confidence, competence, creativity, imagination, physicality and so much more.

It blew me away to see the difference, and when I asked the other parents how their kids became so at home in the woods, they just said: "p.i.n.e."

3) What does it mean to you personally?

the p.i.n.e. project means the world to me personally. it's a manifestation of my gifts and passions, as well as the gifts and experiences of so many others that have come before me. our programs are influenced by the cumulative experiences that i've been lucky enough to have with skilled mentors in my life, helping me to learn and grow in ways that the modern education system never supported. with gifted and creative staff, we're able to add inspirational components to help these programs fit the children, adults and families that we work with, and add to the community many of the things they're asking for.

in many ways, p.i.n.e. is the opportunity i wish i had as a child, and it's based upon a model of education that i've seen work wonders time and again.

it's inspiring, fun, challenging, and somehow both light and playful as well as deeply transformational. our mentors and programs help kids to just become whoever it is they are hoping to be, while learning all about the impacts and consequences (good and bad) of our choices and actions on ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

i truly see it as a means to solve some of the significant problems that we face in the world.