resupply roadtrip

Well I’ll tell ya, Canada is one big mama of a country.

Having just wrapped up our Resupply Roadtrip, or DACT (Drive Across Canada Tour) we are rejuvenating and repacking at the Alberta Pioneer Ranch Camp. The drive across Canada allowed us to take in some local sights and attractions not to be encountered on our return water journey.

For example, people have surely noticed how many large novelty items there are on the sides of roads and in every small town. Large Novelty Items (LNI) must have a proven record attracting tourists and motorists to stop and spend as it seems everyone is prescribing to the trend. Having only vauge awareness of their existence before, LNI's quickly became manadtory stops. Some of our favourites include: the giant Muskoka chair in Thessalon Ontario; the giant spider made from a Volkswagon Beetle in Kenora, the giant Happy Rock in Gladstone Sask. (points for the pun and top hat); the giant pot holes in the road up to Cumberland House; and the original large highway object, the giant goose at Wawa marking the completion of the Superior section of the trans-Canada highway in 1960. Each time a large item loomed over the horizon a picture was called for and another line added to and then ticked off the bucket list. No more will we pine to see the giant Bumblebee of Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Check.

Our drive also taught us about the awesome positive power of people. From the start, generous humans have helped us along the way. Well, wouldn’t you know it we encountered many along the way in our journey west. In Quetico, we met a park ranger with valuable route info.  In Kenora we met a couple who run the Northern Harbour Marina with a home recipe for Walleye – to be sampled upon return. In Winnipeg we were welcomed by a house of likeminded travellers who shared with us an original song for inspiration.  In Cumberland House we were given a warm welcome, gifts for the journey and the promise of a grand reception on our passing.

But here at Alberta Pioneer Ranch Camp we are treated as guests of the highest order. We are eternally grateful for the welcome and generous accommodation as we sort out our gear, rest up from all-night drives, and take some time to explore the mountains and Historic Rocky Mountain House.

With DACT in the books, we anxiously await its sequel….PACT. HELLLO!