oh, alberta

Having crossed our first province off the list, it seems appropriate to reflect a little on the Wild Rose Country.

Alberta first and foremost is beautiful. It has the dramatic Rocky Mountains, the green rolling foothills, and expansive prairie farmland all packaged as the Canadian wild west.

The North Saskatchewan River, with its winding path, steep clay cliffs and clear mountain waters, slowed and widened after Edmonton. The cliffs gradually diminished making way for green hills and farmland. It's muddy banks were filled with wild life, particularly bird life. It was after Edmonton that we were tried with our first batch of weather, damp days and a persistent five day headwind that was determined to prevent us from leaving the province. All good practice for the rest of the four months.

We had incredible hosts from the staff at Alberta Pioneer Ranch Camp in RMH, and enthusiastic support from our launch at the RMH National Historic site. We had a stay at Shalom Park and learned a little about water skiing. Edmonton was a joy of a city that we all agreed to make a return visit. The residents of Duvernay were welcoming and the Wally's in the town of Elk Point left us in good spirits.

Our first 11 days in Alberta was our training trip. Our warm up. The current was in our favour as was the weather for the most part. We were able to find our roles in both canoe life and site life,  as six people figured out each others tripping style and came together as a unit. We're still working on efficient mornings.

Alberta was a great start to our journey. Since we were so excited to actually begin, Alberta seemed to be over before we knew it. But oh Alberta, you are magnificent.