If You Are What You Eat...I Am A Scoop of Peanut Butter

Believe it or not, we eat like kings. Not the sort of king that will be remembered for their benevolence either. We eat like the kinds of kings that need their thrones replaced every couple of weeks.

We packed our food with bad weather in mind.  Well the sun is shining and we are flying across this country faster than we had ever dreamed . One of the biggest advantages of being ahead of schedule is the introduction of 'second breakfast'. Mmmmmm second breakfast!

Having never packed for such a large adventure we seemed to have packed roughly 17 times as much peanut butter as we really need. If you happen to see us paddling through your town, don't be surprised if you see us passing around a jar of creamyyyyy goodness.   Mmmm peanut butter!

We also have become bakers.  Without access to any sort of refrigeration we have the pleasure of cooking up fresh loafs everyday.  And YUP, we accidentally overpacked that too. Best mistakes we've ever made! Nothing like a loaf of cinnamon raison with second breakfast or a slice of garlic bread with dinner.

A full trip is a happy trip and we are smiling ear to ear.