Celebrate the Small Stuff

It's true we have some comforts with us. Thermarests, headlamps, GPS, sturdy footwear. But I've noticed what really makes the journey all the more pleasant are the little things. Here's just a sampling of my favourites, I'm sure the rest of the crew have their own.

Polarised Lenses - I bought new sunglasses before the trip and I will never go back. I feel like I can finally see the world in all the colour and three dimensions it was meant to be seen in.

Hard Case for Sunglasses - How many times this has saved my new favourite eye enhancers I'll never know.

The Hand Loop on the Top AND Bottom of our AO Packs - Being able to pick up the pack with a reinforced handle at the two ends of distributed weight has saved the pack and my back.

Eureka 70L Dry Sack - The true unsung hero of the trip. Everybody has one and everybody keeps their entire life in there - completely dry everytime. Plus, two fit into one of the previously mentioned packs like lego. Perfect fit everytime.

Small Pouch near the opening of my Sleeping Bag - once in a while we may pass a town, and once in a while I may purchase a bag of sweet treats for myself, and once in a while I may put a couple of those sweet treats in my sleeping bag for a  little midnight snack. I may.

Celebrating life's small victories,