The Difference Between a Campsite and a Great Campsite

The PACT team isn’t fussy when it comes to choosing a place to sleep for the night. Over the last couple of months we’ve slept under bridges, in long grass full of weird bugs, on sharp loose rocks, wet moss and even small muddy spits jutting out into the river. Sometimes a campsite is just a place to pitch our tents, cook a meal and get some rest.

But every now and then, luck and circumstance bring us to a great campsite. Flat, short grass to set up our tents, a fire pit already made, smooth rolling granite to walk on and plenty of trees for shade. There we can hang our wet clothes to dry, put up a hammock, sit around the campfire and feel like kings of our small patch of wilderness.

On a trip like this, it’s the small things that can really make you happy. A comfortable place to sit and eat a good meal while recounting the day’s adventures against a spectacular sunset can put us in a good mood for days. A comfortable sleep on flat dry ground makes the following day much more productive. It’s days like those that make the tough, wet nights easier to get through.