We get asked a lot of questions, but here are the most frequently asked questions for a voyageur canoe trip.

Q: Where are you going?
A: Our destination is the Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site.

Q: Where did you start?
A: Our departure point was the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site.

Q: How long is your trip going to take?
A: We estimate to finish the trip on Day 120.

Q: What is your canoe made out of?
A: Fiberglass body, hardwood seats and thwarts

Q: How much does your canoe weigh?
A: 270 lbs

Q: Do you have to portage the canoe?
A: Yes.

Q: How many portages are there on your route?
A: We estimate there to be 40 portages. We try to line as many as we can, so a definite total will come after the trip.

Q: How many people does it take to carry the canoe?
A: Four minimum. Six is preferred for portaging on the shoulders as the uneven and tight trails cause the weight to be distributed unevenly. Six allows for the stability we need.

Q: Who sterns the canoe?
A: We switch every position in the canoe every day. This reduces muscle fatigue and boredom.

Q: Do you switch paddling sides?
A: Once a day.

Q: Do you all paddle at once?
A: Yes.

Q: What do you eat?
A: Breakfast: Oatmeal or quinoa with a raisin and nut medley.
Lunch: A rotating combo of quinoa, lentils, chick peas, pasta and spice.
Dinner: A rotating combo of beans, pasta, rice, tvp and spice.

A full menu will be posted soon.

Q: How did your group meet?
A: We met as staff at Camp Quin-Mo-Lac, Tweed, and Camp Tamakwa, Algonquin Park.

Q: Were you friends before the trip?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you still get along?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the total distance?
A: 4780km - with swerving we're bumping that up to 5000km.

Q: How much distance do you cover in a day?
A: We travel an average of 50km a day. Lowest kms travelled in a day: 10km
Highest kms travelled in a day: 84km

Q: What is your route?
A: Though we travelled many waterways, here is our route simplified:
North Saskatchewan River
Saskatchewan River
Cedar Lake
Lake Winnipeg
Winnipeg River
Lake of the Woods
Rainy River
Rainy Lake
Namigon Lake
Quetico / Boundary Waters
Pigeon River
Lake Superior
Lake Huron - North Channel
                  - Georgian Bay
French River
Lake Nipissing
Mattawa River
Ottawa River

Q: Have you seen any wildlife?
A: Yes. See the posted "Ranger Reports" for details.