Too close to call?

We're a little behind on our blogs. Let me explain.
We've been pushing ourselves lately. As we have moved into more and more urban landscapes, our trip has taken on an 'Amazing Race' quality. There are still the challenges of a long distance canoe trip, plus friends and family checkpoints, resupply pickup checkpoints, and media/PR checkpoints. All of that sounds the norm for PACT, but we've added another twist - a deadline! We have picked an end date which has given us a great adrenaline rush to the finish in Lachine.

We are excited to announce our predicted arrival date and time. Come welcome us at the finish line at the Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site for September 12th, 2013, at 3pm.

This will put us at 120 days on trip.
We're currently in Ottawa with just under 200km to go.
Will we make our prediction?
The countdown is on!