A Party Fit For A Voyageur

Talk about a show of support!

Last Thursday over a hundred PACT supporters packed into Roots on Bloor Street, as we celebrated the successful completion of our journey with a sensational evening of happiness, hugs, photos and cocktails.  We are incredibly thankful for the friends, family and representatives of our three Outdoor Education partners, CCI, PINE Project and Camp Outlook, who took the time to join us. Kudos to PACT member Peter for speaking on behalf of the paddlers and being able to successfully get through it. Thank you to all who joined us on this special night.    

To have a wrap party at Roots was very fitting for us. Without their support, our journey would not have been possible.  Thanks to the stores for continually sending us letters and art of encouragement, and to those lucky stores who had to hold onto our food boxes while waiting patiently to unload them onto the paddlers. We always looked forward to your warm reception.

We must also take this opportunity to thank Sue Kupka and Robert Sarner.   Sue’s cubicle was filled with boxes of beans, lentils, extra underwear and toilet paper for months while she arranged all of the PACT resupplies across Canada.  She was also dealing with PACT issues, emails and packages from loved ones.  Working alongside Office Jill, she too made our lives in the woods possible.  

Robert has been a huge advocate for PACT since beginning and spoke very kind words on Thursday evening and presented PACT with a donation from Roots customers and employees from all across the nation.

The evening continued down the road at the Quail and Firkin on Younge. Once again our social convener Anne Goad, who so masterfully arranged our going away fundraiser, organized a great time for all at the Firkin. She even involved her parents as photographers, snapping candids from the Roots store to the wee hours of the night. Thanks to the Goads for their involvement and support.

Great times and a late night had by all.

Thanks everyone. Just Thanks.

What’s next? There will be more picture sorting and the continuation of blog writing, with special trip reflections from each of the paddlers. We are currently in the planning stages of a speaking tour. Please email if you think our story would be right for your group.