an open letter of gratitude to Camp Quin-Mo-Lac

Letter written for the Quin-Mo-Lac Alumni Newsletter, Spring 2013. Three of the six crew members spent their formative years and met at the residential summer camp.

Dear Camp Quin-Mo-Lac


We all subscribe to the benefits that summer camp brings to children, and certainly the lasting impact of a particular camp located on the south shore of Moria Lake.  I would to present another piece of evidence towards this forgone conclusion.

Beginning this spring, three QML Alumni are embarking on an adventure that directly stems from the experiences and friendships that we garnered at Camp Quin-Mo-Lac. Hollye Ervine (AD 2009), Scott Graham (AD 2006-7) and myself are joining three others in paddling across Canada to benefit Outdoor Education organizations in Ontario. The journey spans from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, to Lachine, Quebec – a distance of roughly 5000km. In a nod to our Canadian heritage, our crew will be paddling in a 25’ voyageur canoe. We feel this is the ultimate Canadian experience, combining landscape, history and community – all things instilled in us during our formative years at QML. We learned how to canoe, learned environmental stewardship and the importance of team building and community living from our beloved and humble summer camp home.

We are thrilled that the QML Board of Directors have donated the paddles for our journey. We will be using long rectangle bladed voyageur style paddles, manufactured by Voyageur Canoe of Millbrook, Ontario.

On behalf myself, Scott and Hollye, I would like to deeply thank the Whites, Camp Quin-Mo-Lac and its community, for the years of guidance, compassion and for instilling a love for the Great Outdoors that have lead to our grand adventure.  

In Sincere Gratitude,

Peter Vooys

Camp Quin-Mo-Lac’er from 1993-2007