thanks friend

Wiser folks than any of us have long said, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’ It’s a widely accepted fact of life. Everyone knows it, and more often than not we let it discourage us from putting an idea into action.

Luckily for us, we know you! We love you…FINE, I’ll SAY IT! We’re IN LOVE with you.

Your kindness has been inspiring. Pat yourself on the back because you made this whole thing happen. Your excitement gets us excited and your love will keep us smiling through the not-so-smiley moments.

Last Friday’s going away party in Toronto was proof. We were overwhelmed with 6 dangerous cases of the warm and fuzzies. So many good people from all over the place coming together with such good spirits is rare and is something to be remembered. The whole party just felt right in every way. We far exceeded our fundraising goals, but more importantly, we set world records for FUN-raising. To all those who attended, high fives to you and your families!

To those who couldn’t make it, we still love you more than you know. This trip is a team sport that has involved way more crew members than just the six of us. You are all part of the journey and we will do our best to use this site to help you enjoy it and get a taste of what Canada is really all about.

Now is a time filled with unfamiliar excitement and unfamiliar nervousness. That being said, if life is truly about who you know, we know we are going to be just fine.

Thank you.