farewell fundraisers

PACT has a small wish:
We'd like to see your face, shake hands and cheers to adventure before we depart for Alberta.

To accomplish this feat we have arranged to host two (2) separate gatherings in reputable establishments to celebrate outdoor education, and each others company. The money raised at these events will be heading to our OEE partners.

The first will be held on April 26th at the Antler Room on historic Front Street in downtown Toronto. There will be live music, silent auction and a giant prize raffle including but not limited to a Cineplex tickets, detailed Algonquin Park maps (this ain't your ministry map), an original painting by Peterborough native and QML alumni Leah Paterson. We are expecting record numbers of Good People in attendance. There are rumours of cab fare vouchers.... All this for the low price of $10.

The second will be held on May 4th at the Brownstone Cafe on historic Mississauga Street in downtown Orillia. Considering the patriotic nature of a cross Canada canoe trip, we thought it would be appropriate to hold a Stompin' Tom Tribute night! Local artists from Orillia will be playing the songs of the beloved Canadian folk hero. If that weren't enough there will again be a giant prize raffle.

We will be departing the very next morning from Orillia, bound for Alberta. Come out and ensure that we leave.

Reiterating from the top, we would love to see your face, shake your hand, and cheers to adventure.

- the Crew of PACT