health is contagious

Something is spreading amongst the PACT crew! Being a small tight knit travelling community of six, we have noticed the introduction of contagions to our crew. Normally, one would be worried about the spread, but in these cases the infected seem to be reacting more positively than prior to exposure. We are  impressed with how being healthy has become contagious in our community.

Here is how its spreading...

Fresh Air. The crew is spending on average 98 per cent of their time outside breathing non-citified air. The effect has been physically stimulating and mentally refreshing to the crew.

Exercise. The crew has been spending long hours paddling - as you might expect - with the result being an increase in strength and endurance.

Sunscreen. Love the skin you're in.

Stretching. Every night we have a stretching session. In an urban environment it might be called yoga, but for us we just call it necessary. It feels great, and really helps the body loosen up from a day of paddling, and helps to get ready for doing it all over again the next day.

Flossing. Patient Zero for this highly contagious habit was Scott. Since its introduction, flossing has been spreading through the group like smooth peanut butter on bannock. Again it has worked its way into our night time routine, with many a gum still getting used to having its food morsel ripped from it.

Brushing Teeth. In an urban context, brushing your teeth might happen twice a day - before you leave in the morning and before bed. For us, when you keep your tooth brush in an easily accessible pocket in your day pack, brushing can be done every time we stop for food. There's even one member of the crew that brushes four times a day!

Early To Bed. Humans need sleep. Especially when paddling all day in the sun. Without the latest season of whatever on netflicks, it is easy to listen to your body's demands and just go to bed. 10:00pm? Best hit the hay - don't want to find yourself pulling an all nighter.