A day in the life of PACT… July 29th 2013

Today is Day 75… or our Platinum Anniversary.  6:00am came pretty early today as we woke up on the site of a portage where there were old trolley tracks that boats once used to get around a small set of rapids. Everyone woke up in great spirits as we went through our usual morning routine while blasting some tunes.  This morning was the first sunny morning we have seen in a few days, and waking up in a dry tent is always a bonus.  Our first portage marked the height of the land where the water shed starts moving in our favor. We now have the current flowing with us and don’t have to battle upstream rivers again for a while. After we completed the short 400-meter muddy portage we had a voyageur tribute to the watershed and celebrated in typical voyageur fashion. We then had to paddle up to Arrow Lake so we could meet our sub-in Serena. We enjoyed a beautiful paddle with large rocky landscapes and flat calm waters. We were greeted by Darrell Makin who brought us a wonderful fruit and chips lunch, which we were very excited to have. Darrell has been helping us with our next upcoming challenge, Lake Superior. PACT is super excited to continue onto our next big portion of the journey. We are hoping to be on the world’s biggest lake for 3 weeks, hopefully less. First thing is first… we have  a 14 km portage into Lake Superior. Over the next couple days PACT will be loading up on carbs and getting good sleeps in before this marathon of a day.  Everyone is happy and excited to keep moving on. 

Signing off for now… Hollye