Paddle Across Canada TOURS --- Volume The First

As our tour rides across the country, we seem to be destined to bump into our nation’s true hidden gems. We figured some of you may be looking for a unique summer expedition so – BOOM! - PACT is becoming your own personal travel agent. Here is the first  set of highly recommended Canadian travel destinations.

1.     Mystik Lodge, Cumberland House, Saskatchewan

This Northern hunting lodge is well worth the trek. Gary Carriere has turned a river front forest into a five-cabin paradise. There isn’t a living soul that knows the Delta’s history and natural environment better than the lodge’s founder, builder and lead guide. Their guestbook is filled with the kinds of reviews that give you the warm and fuzzies and the walls are filled with years of stuffed hunting trophies. The accommodation is the perfect balance of rustic and comfort and the people host with sincere hospitality. Most importantly, their cooking is amazing….we would know!

None of us would have ever seen ourselves getting excited about a hunting trip, but something about this place made it the most appealing getaway around. 


2.     Gunn Lake Lodge, Minaki , Ontario

I think we can all agree that cottage life is just the bestest! There really isn’t anything better than a good old-fashioned dock sit afternoon. Who knew there isn’t a better place in the world to do that than in Minaki? Muskoka gets a lot of hype – as it should – but there is just something special about the Winnipeg River area that has us all taking especially long looks at every For Sale sign we pass.

I am sitting peacefully in the Gunn Lake Lodge as I write this recommendation. Life is good! The family that runs this place has welcomed six smelly strangers with open arms. The beds are comfy and plentiful. The kitchen is fully equipped with all your fooding needs. There are also countless couch filled rooms (soft blankets included) and the property is truly amazing.

Not only is this cottage rental spot perfect for a voyageur rest day, but it makes for an equally relaxing getaway for any group looking to kick their feet up and smile. Whether you’re a party of 2 or 200, you will go home feeling fresh. Guaranteed!

If your interested contact Charlie Gibson on Facebook. Tell him you know us….you guys can work something out.