The Final Blog

This will be the final blog update for the 2013PACT expedition.  The blogs are primarily in chronological order, with the exception of a few that were added  post-trip, so if you want whole tale from the get-go, rewind to the start of the blogs.  Happy reading.  

 The Final Count

PACT is proud to announce that over $10,000 was successfully raised in support of outdoor education during our campaign.  We are hounored to assist in supporting three outstanding, non-for profit organizations.  


We are still sharing our story with anyone who will listen!  If you would enjoy a PACT presentation at your school, outdoors group, summer camp, church, community centre....or ANYWHERE, please email


And Now a Few Words of Thanks…

 Thank you for sponsoring and supporting our dream.  Thank you for donating to outdoor education in Canada.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Thanks for checking the tracker and joining us as we paddled.  Thank you for liking us on Facebook.   Thanks for reading our blogs.  Thanks for the Tweets...and re-Tweets.  Thanks for the sausage.  Thank you for the fan mail.  Thanks for breakfast.  Thank you for waving from your dock.  Thanks for asking us about our trip.  Thanks for the advice about the river. Thanks for honking as we paddled under the bridge.  Thanks for the cold beer on a hot day.  Thanks for the hot shower on a cold night.  Thank you for holding onto our resupply boxes.  Thank you for the fresh fish.  Thanks for helping us on portage.  Thank you for the music. Thanks for taking our picture.  Thanks for the maps.  Thanks for cheering.  Thanks for chasing us around Superior.   Thanks for serenading us with a voyageur song to keep us paddling in time.  Thanks for letting us stop at your dock and pee on your lawn.  Thanks for learning with us.  Thanks for the campsite.  Thank you for telling your friends.  Thanks for the pizza…PACT loves pizza.  Thank you for the boat repairs.  Thank you giving us a roof over our heads and on a few occasions, beds. Thank you for the next round.  Thanks for the cookies.  Thanks for paddling with us.  Thanks for trumpeting O’ Canada as we paddled the lake. Thanks for fresh fruit. Thanks for the flat piece of ground to tent on.  Thanks for the big welcome home.  Thanks for celebrating with us.  Thank you for hearing in our story.

 To the hundreds of family, friends, friends of friends, new friends and incredible strangers who have changed six lives forever… Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

 Love Hollye, James, Marc, Marissa, Peter & Scott