Kingston2Ottawa Canoe Race

Less than a year later and PACT is at it again! We are beyond excited to announce PACT's participation in the Kingston2Ottawa (K2O) marathon canoe race happening next weekend, August 16-17th, 2024! This entails more than 32 hours of straight paddling through the night along a UNESCO world heritage site: the Rideau Canal.

Not only are we entering a voyageur canoe in this race, we are entering as THE voyageur canoe. PACT is representing as the flagship, the example, the demonstration to the world that racing a north canoe along this route is not only possible, but also competitive. PACT will be represented by returnee's Peter Vooys, Scott Graham, Marc Soberano and Hollye Ervine> They are joined by paddle and camping enthusiasts, Evan Woodley and Jill Zeppa.

Feel free to explore the website, follow our updates and share with friends - let's keep the PACT buzz buzzing! This happens to be the longest marathon canoe race in Ontario, and one we are thrilled to take on!


Check out the race website for more details on this event: