Marc - One Year Post PACT

Marc Soberano. Edwards Gardens, Toronto.
Photo by Marlee Maclean

Everything I know and do has PACT woven through it. It’s a tough act to follow, but I’m doing my best. PACT showed me how fulfilling a successful project can be and how simple, dynamic and perfect life can be.

 I can’t make a point in any conversation without using a story or thought from this trip as an example. It represents the pinnacle of my adventure experience, a massive success story and everything I know about social dynamics, hard work, entrepreneurship, life, problem solving, pushing through and having fun.

 I wouldn’t trade any crew member for anyone else in the world. The team taught me what its like to be around good people. You can get annoyed but you can’t get mad – Great people are just great people.

 Through PACT we lived the life of the modern voyageur. Instead of collecting pelts form the inhabitants of the river, we collected friends. Instead of returning the favour with guns and modern technologies, we shared our story and gave a memory. We would thank people for their kindness, and they would thank us for giving them an unexpected story they’ll have for the rest of their lives. Everybody’s happy - that’s good business!

 It doesn’t feel like it was 120 days and it doesn’t feel like its been a year, but I don’t even try to think of it that way. PACT grew into something so much bigger than a 120 trip for all of us. You all got on board, we made friends, we made memories every single day, we still do PACTtalks and hang out as a team of friends. PACT doesn’t feel like it’s been a year because it still such a big part of my life everyday.

 When we finished, I said that PACT went perfectly – more perfectly than I ever could have dreamed. I still learn from it and I still take things from it all the time. A year later, PACT is still perfect and getting perfecter every day.